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Maggie Makes a Bow Tie.

To help with home schooling and entertainment throughout this coronavirus lockdown I have decided to create a series of Maggie Makes that you can do at home and get the whole family involved in.

The first of the Maggie Makes tasks is to 'make your own bow tie'. I have tried to make this as simple as possible so it can be used as part of an art/ textiles lesson at home. You don't need a fancy machine, just a needle and thread will do and you can use fabric from old clothes or any scraps you may have around the house.

If you are using old clothes please do ask permission of the person who the clothes belong to first and because this project involves using scissors and needles please carry out the task with a responsible adult supervising.

I have put together a little video to show you how it is done and to help with following the instructions. You will need a piece of fabric preferably with little to no stretch around 30X40cm, a needle and thread, a good pair of scissors and any decorations that you might like to personalise your bow tie with. I have also made a set of instructions and a template which you can print off below. I hope you can have some fun with this and if you do take part please do share your photos with me, id love to see them and there may be a prize in it for you!

Please print the page below as an A4 document, you will then need to cut out the template and use the instructions along with the video to make your bow tie. Have fun and don't forget to send photos!

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