The Eaton Lead

We have revisited the design of our best selling wax cotton design and given it a make over. The Eaton set comprises of fabulous leather elements which are all sewn by hand. We offer the lead in two different depths, 16mm and 25mm. The length is approximately 120cm long and features a gorgeous rose gold clip. 

The Eaton Lead

£28.00 Regular Price
£16.80Sale Price
Depth (mm)
    • Made with a polypropylene webbing which provides a strong base.
    • Sewn using Gutermann Mara 30 thread; a specialist polyester long staple spun thread that gives extra strength for top stitching.
    • Fastenings are made from either iron or zinc alloy, they are then plated to our specified metal finish. Our logo has been individually lasered on for durability.
    • To wash your collar and lead it is best to sponge or hand wash delicately to make sure they have a long lasting life.
    • Using a sponge and cool soapy water gently dab away any marks.
    • Dry your collar and lead with a towel in a pressing motion.
    • Do not wring out as this could stretch or damage them, once towel dried just leave to air dry.



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