The Huddlesford  Jacket

The Huddlesford jacket has been designed to keep your dog warm and dry in early spring. The jacket consists of a light weight fleece lining and waxed cotton outer plaid fabric. 
All the fastenings are easy to use, strong Velcro.

To allow for a nice fit around the hind quarters 2 darts have been put in each side. The sherpa fleece lined collar acts as abit of a fashion statement but also keeps the draft out and ensures a nicer fit around your dogs neck, it can be worn up or you can roll it down if preferred. 

The Huddlesford Jacket

  • It is best to wash the jacket by hand using cool water if you have to. Due to the outer fabric being a waxed cotton it is not advised that you wash in warm water as this will melt the wax off resulting in the fabric no longer being water resistant. 

    XS 30cm 30-35cm 36-42cm
    S 39cm 35-45cm 42-50cm
    M 47cm 45-50cm 54-64cm
    L 59cm 48-55cm 70-78cm